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Covers installationsguide

How to mount covers

What you need

For mounting covers, you will need the following:

  • Covers in the selected size
  • A fine cloth to wipe off grease and dirt from brass (steel wool is included for wiping off copper)

Step 1: Mounting covers

Remove the protective film from the cover (this only applies to brass, as there is no plastic film on the copper cover). Then you can easily place your covers on your acoustic panel in exactly the pattern you desire.

Mounting covers

Step 2: Remove covers

If you want to remove a cover again, it’s really simple – just pull and it comes off!

Remove covers

Step 3: Polishing of covers

For polishing copper covers, the provided steel wool is used to remove grease and dirt. For brass covers, a fine cloth (e.g., a microfiber cloth) is used.

Polishing of covers

Now you are done!

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